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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


THis was a really good one. Dialock is my favorite lock! I would really like to see dia in his human form again tho cause he pwns....but the lock has a different personality than the diadz


I loved communist lock, made me crack up everytime i saw him. could of given him a crappy accent atleast though


Haha very good. but xp doesnt get the blue screen unless you do screw some thing up really bad. Other then that it was great.
make more

Good job....

I can't wait for the second one, this episode was awesome.

no fuckin way

i actually like a lock animation is the world comming to an end? clocks still suck ass and locks but hey what can i say if its good its good i do think though that its alot better than some crap ive seen from the clocks