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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"


Amazing work

Solid piece

Totally enjoyable,...left me wanting more ff action.

DiaDz responds:

I can assure you that the next episode will have alot more <3

Locky Review

Whoa that was an awesome flash. Even though you're like a noob to the Lock Legion, you're probably the best one they got. I saw your first movie with Dia and I thought that one was cool. I kind of wish he wouldn't have become a Lock though. Why choose Lock Legion of the Clock Crew? I think that the Locks are just a rip off of the Clocks unless they were thought up by the Clocks as to be like rivals of the Clocks or something. There is so many weird characters though. Communist Lock? Coke Lock? Is there a Strawberry Lock? Is that like Strawberry Clock's evil twin? I came to Newgrounds like two months ago and there's something new about the Clocks and Locks I learn everyday. Good thing when I get flash I wont be part of any time indicators or key openers. Xsore will be a solo flash for the ages, unless I get invites to join in a project or something. So anywho I see your a fan of Final Fantasy. When I clicked the "Fight" button I was hoping that I would be able to fight for myself. Well keep up the great looking Dia Lock flashes!!!

P.S. What was that song at the beginning? I heard that song at the end of Arfenhouse teh Movie Too and I thought that was a cool song.

DiaDz responds:

Thankd, you'd have to do some reasearch in order to find out about CC and LL, I myself know very little.

The opening song is called:
Travel - Song from Ragnarok Online

awful and ... wierd

it kinda disturbs me now that there are people that create flash animations about objects or people with 18th century lock holes for faces, and then let them have these stupid adventures. coke lock? communist lock? wtf man? your skills would be better used in creating professional flash shows for presentations for corporate businesses, or crap like that. I did not enjoy that at all, and was about the worst 5 minutes of my life.

DiaDz responds:

Flash by stinkface101: -none-

Lets see you do better


I am so glad to have you in the LL Dia, your animation was superb, the music/sounds were awesome.
I am amazed at how you managed to crap this out in such little time!!
Very nice, fifen all the way comrad!