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Reviews for "Blue Screen : Episode 1"

This was pretty damn good

Nice touch with the Metroid music, I was suprised I recognized that before i saw the credits! Long live Lock ( and Clock) animations, f*ck the haters! Just because they don't like your characters is no reason to blam.

You gave this entry a 0, lowering its score to 3.7

The whole lock envolement in your movies piss me off. 0!

I choose not to upload animations to newgrounds.

all this lock-clock-shit is old! it just blows.

get another idea!

Has anyone told you guys latley....

LOCKS OWN CLOCKS! Seriously you guys have always been my overall favorite out of any of those crappy clocks....Especially you, can't wait till the sequeal!


Hey, I liked that. I'm waiting for the next part, i'm sure it'll be a good one!