Reviews for "Not Another Teen Movie"

hey shut up

this movie is great, i loved that movie, its funny as hell, i liked this movie. hell yeah! i voted 5!

MD-CHIS responds:

ty at least some people have respect for cool things!!


Dude, I love that song. When i watched that movei, i kept replaying this over and over and now u just reminded of me about. You should have done the outake version (it's on the dvd)


I have the movie - actually I watched it two hours ago.

MD-CHIS responds:

its cool aint it :D i mean did i even say it was a fucking movie!!?? nope i said its 1 song from the real movie for a teaster :D least me an you know whats good an whats not


That deserves an apple out of a coconut cream!, but Newgrounds won't accept my rating system based on pie flavors.

That took a lot of hard work, sorry.

Look, man. I didn't like it very much. That is not to say it was bad, I just thought it was kind of strange. I know that lots of work must have gone into this, so I am glad that it was not blammed. Perhapse for next time, rather than trying to make a really cool an complicated interface for a song you made, try making a little music video. It could be as simple as a few 'tweens. Seeing your skill in this, I'm sure you could make it work.