Reviews for "Not Another Teen Movie"

That took a lot of hard work, sorry.

Look, man. I didn't like it very much. That is not to say it was bad, I just thought it was kind of strange. I know that lots of work must have gone into this, so I am glad that it was not blammed. Perhapse for next time, rather than trying to make a really cool an complicated interface for a song you made, try making a little music video. It could be as simple as a few 'tweens. Seeing your skill in this, I'm sure you could make it work.


What the heck was that? All you did was blended songs. Jeez, it wasn't even a good movie at all. This didn't really show any talent...At all


Dude, I love that song. When i watched that movei, i kept replaying this over and over and now u just reminded of me about. You should have done the outake version (it's on the dvd)


I think at least some animation on the back would make this better....I didn't even like the song....is annoying sorry....


Dude, that sucked. I mean come on, it was basically a song ripped from a mediocre movie with a picture in the background. It did nothing to keep my attention. It wasn't intelligent, it wasn't funny. It didn't even have any porn. Dressing up games are better than this. And they suck ass.

And what kinda name is Master Death? Are you 12?