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Reviews for "The Chase ++"

I liked it. The graphics and the animation were well done, the music fit what was going on, and the irony of the extremely small storyline made this a pretty damn good movie. I do have one complaint though, in the dialouge part, I thought it was kind of stupid not to have the dialouge in the scene, it looked lame when it went to a white screen and then the words popped up. Otherwise, great movie.

bien hecho carnal

siguele asì, las animaciones que has hecho me han gustado, felizidades y hechale ganas


Well first off I'd like to apologize for accusing you of stealing last time, I tried to e-mail you about it but couldn't find an address. You see when I see 2 people submit the same thing by default I have to assume it's the 2nd who's the theif. That said -

I thought it was entertaining, and the surprize end got it the 9 in humor. I wonder if the guy on the train was the abominable snowman?


It's so great to see a clever flash artist out there that can make something like this great without having people explode somewhere in the movie, and it was executed with a certain gracefullness that i really can't describe. Kudos to you!


Another amazing flash that makes me sit in front of my computer wanting to cry because my flash sucks balls.
IF THIS IS UNDERRATED LIKE THE RACE THAT WILL SUCK! this is really good enough to be front page!