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Reviews for "The Chase ++"

props for frame-by-frame

it was cool...but i really didn't like the text frames at the end for the dialogue. If you're gonna do text at least put some design into it and use a good template for the background and some appropriate fonts. It kinda took away from the feel of the movie.


thats just fucking awesome...


Fast paced and making no sense at all......
I LOVE IT, make more man. You rule

Love your work

i remeber when you first subed in the race++, it was only your second flash but it was great. You have amazing talent and a good style.
The animations were great and the overall execution, good job and keep up the good work

The Review ++

Nicely done. A great, fast, action-paced flash movie Vinnie. I like these type of movies that have the Anime style artwork and the fast motion animation. It's just so great to see things like this. Another flash you should see it Yzarc Falls. This is very similair to this. What a twist ending (I don't want to give it away to whoever might read this). If you wanna see the suprise ending you gotta watch the movie. Well keep up the great flashes!