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Reviews for "The Chase ++"


I didn't think I would find this so easily after I watched it on deviantART.
Great animation.

Really nice

This is a really good movie. Good animation, it's a style you don't see very often. Kinda funny. Reminds me of the cartoons of my youth. Was gonna give it a 4, but you had banjo music, so you get a 5

That mighta been the greatest...

That mighta been the greatest movie i have seen on this site, truly an amazing flash.


i really liked you animation and i want to ask you, how did you make tu make the little man run??? cause it really moved and it wasnt a bad movie clip.aswer plz :)

Well I'm shocked....

From the beggining of this film, I knew it was going to be good.
All and all, I loved it!
Why not make episodes of this guy (the one that ran)??
I'd love to see more from you!!