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Reviews for "The Chase ++"

Awesome =)

Vinneeeeeh!!! Sup man, lol. Awesome flash. You never cease to amaze me. Keep it up =)


That's really really good. It's kind of a take on the whole cookie thief parable/moral-story kind of thing if you've heard it. That is an awesome flash. You should try to find a way to add voices though, that'd make it much better. The drawings are awesome too!

muy buena

che la verdad que tus animaciones realmente inspiran a empezar a animar eh... bueno te escribo en español (mas bien castellano)porque debo imaginarme que debe ser mas comodo para vos. bueno te mando un saludo desde argentina y mucha suerte (che que bueno que es escuchar canciones en español de paso)

Very Well Done

I really liked your animation, it was incredible. Good job. Make more movies like that. That kinda of animation is really cool. Good job. :)

great job

haha, I loved that. I would like to see more with this kind of animation. Great job again