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Reviews for "The Chase ++"

anime maybe???????

lol u should get a career makin anime lol u would be a great anime drawer


Music is awesome!
excellent frame by frame paintings!

I hate you

lol, sorry, I'm just jealous of how god-damn good at drawing you are,lol. Wish I could do stuff like that. I've seen your other stuff and've added you to my fave authors now, lol.

Can't wait to see more of your stuff


That was great

That was some really awesome animation, there. That part at the beginning where the camera pans around all over the place must have been tough to pull off, but you did it well. And I was totally thrown off by the ending, which was great. Nice work.

Its good work

The Animation was really well that part you nailed perfect. The music went really well to it too. There is two things that I think you could do much better 1, The part were they "talk" you could have done something there insted of just a white screen. 2, The color was pretty bad (Sorry I didnt like them) I think if they had been a bit smothere it would have look so much better. Keep up the work