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Reviews for "The Chase ++"

You're crazy

And I mean this in the best and most loving possible way. :)

That's nuts. We need more nuts.

I liked it hahah nice ending too

omgawd cowboy bebop music yeaa! nice lil story :P short and sweet


this reminds me of trigun.


The return wallet part really made me laugh so hard.
This is a good guy returning the wallet, even if he gets shot with explosive ammo...
I really like the artists style, but I can't really understand the songs...
I'm not that good at spanish... In Germany we just started 2008 with teaching spanish in the school.

sry 4 may bed inglisch...

However... I like the artists style and I like the music a little bit.
This one was so freakin' funny...


that was cool, nice little story really.