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Reviews for "The Chase ++"

i love it

is funny the flash and make me laught today

continue con yu work and the music, was funny ^^

hey about something en la parte del humor me equivoque de nuemero en ves de ocho puse 3 (hablo de hoy te amo) y no pude arreglarlo pero igual para que sepa es un ocho en humor ^^

ups in the part of the humor i put wrong the number and i wait they accept that new review my friend but cant and well i tired to fix but cant, now yu know i want put a eight but but 3 becuase like that i love it ^^

I saw it! I saw it!

Just out of curiosity, how come you haven't posted your Intro to CCC parts on NG? I think they're wonderful. Don't tell me you're afraid that they'll get bad reviews on NG? I see you've used the NG preloader, so hopefully they'll be on NG soon??

Really, they are awesome, and I can't wait for the 3rd. You've got a quasy-French Paris with perfect music and characters. (btw, Japan and French seem to be the only two countries in the world where it is acceptable for adults to read comic books, and comic books are produced for an adult market. Just stating; I did a report on it.)
This mystical CCC world you've created is just awesome. I keep finding myself watching every one of your CCC flashes every day (including my favorite, Hoy te Amo). And I love the way it's structured, as a conversation, and a film. Wow.

Anyways, what did I see? I saw a scene from the CCC city in the credits, where one guy is cussing out the other guy's mom: THAT'S DEFINATELY ELISE AND TRICKSTER GIRL WITH ROBOT ON THE LEDGE, meaning Lucius and Marcus are the two guys falling.

Seeing the ending credits of your other pieces, I see you've also selected some more bits to show us, meaning that you've got so much complete, and are keeping it from us!

You tease, you.

That was good.

Very nice art and smooth animation. Nice joke about their relative sizes.

eres bueno tio, sigue asi

ya vi unos mas tuyos y son muy buenos, me gusta la musica y como los haces, pon de donde eres para saber, a y sigue haciendo mas que estan chidos

Another good one....especially the catchy tune:)

Although the end with the wallet was a bit cliche, I loved how that guy got nearly hit with everything but the sitchen kink.:)

It was a great western-techno piece, and if this is any indication of any future works made by you, you will go far friend.:D

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Wasting time is like voting......neither brings about much in the way of great results.:)