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Reviews for "The Chase ++"


A cool and quick little tale of misunderstanding that is eventually solved when the characters just talk to each other. I love this.

That sir is Nice

really good but i rather hve the words without the white screen you could have made word bubbles but still this is the first one with words but it'll come to u sooner or later

Sir u droped this

Oh... Thanks .. lol that was funny, thought he whould of been like WHY the hell where u thorwing that stuff at me ..

pretty good,

but next time try to have the charectors says the wards without the white screen
10 out of 10
5 out of 5

omg help me im going to die

omg i love your work. i have reviewed on all of them giving them all 10s you should make a full on movie. do actually have a job or do u animate pro. i love your site wish i could understand it all but dont know the language to lazy to learn. but i would pay big money to go see a movie with ur characters and then the game would be bigger than ff7 and i bet ur boss would even be bigger that sephiroth. i love and crave ur work. sorry sounds kinda creepy but u are my idle.