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Reviews for "Twinkling Skies"

Very relaxing.

This sounds like a lullaby and a carousel at the same time. It's very relaxing, and, like CosmicGamerz said, it's fantasy-like. Keep up the good work!

Cydrius responds:

Thanks for the review!

I like this a lot!

Its very, well very interesting it has a unique sound, like another said almost sounds like an rpg song but i REALL REALLY like it. Would you mind if i mix it a bit? It just sounds like it would be a lot of fun to mix. >w< GREAT JOB!!

It's not all perfect...but

You win with an excellent intro. Good job. The rest of the song gets a little repetitive, but it at least sounds good-repetitive.

Great piece,

I really like the instruments used, and you have a great melody going. It's very relaxing and fantasy like. You've improved a lot since your last song, keep it up!

Cydrius responds:

Thanks for the review!

Also, I owe a lot of it to you for showing me FL in the first place. :P

Been here in town for long?

It's like something you would hear in an RPG, maybe in a town. It has... Town style (Towny?) elements, enjoyable and relaxing, something suited for a night out on town. Thems be the good things about it.

It doesn't change too much, sadly, no added instruments later in, the slow AND fade at the end it leaves something to be desired, not to mention the 10+ second silence unless you can turn you're speakers up, and down right away to avoid blasting you're eardrums with super waves. It could also use a speed up... what was the BPM?

All in all it was very suiting to it's title. Maybe a little TOO suiting... -shifty eyes-