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Reviews for "Ducktales - The Moon"


keeps ur attention and u cant stop listening to it till its finished

I STILL say it sounds more like megaman

honestly despite you sent me it and told me it was the moon i still can't convince myself its not a Megaman intro

still awsome as always!

EliteFerrex responds:

Heh. I'll send you a link to the soundtrack if I have to! I swear it's not from megaman! XD


i really like this song!
this is my favorate of yours besides kirby compilation, and king dedede on E!
thumbs up!

EliteFerrex responds:

Hey! Glad you enjoyed it! I like how this song has a nice, consistent beat all the way through. I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed my other stuff, too. Stay tuned! =D


This is pretty catchy beat. But i never played the ducktales but it does sound pretty awsome.


This sounds really cool.This version sounds like it's from a real game.

5/5 10/10