Reviews for "Flash Action Script Tut"


this really helped me learn about this stuff. oh ya and that fag mokubamaster is such a homo go see his profile and go see his tutorials. they suck his voice is so frickon annoying

Vance responds:

Hahahaha..... hahaha... haha.. ha, oh man, oh man that was funny. Man, you really made me laugh out loud! Yeah, he has a voice of a little bitch voice. Hehe ^_^ thanks for your review! And im glad i helped!!

You solved lifes great questions!

Wow... real nice work man! I now understand actionscript! Yay XD

It was actually pretty good!!!!

Thank you!!!! im new to flash and i had a lot of problems with the action script! the only problem was that the circle was moving only in circles. could you help me?

...dude, holy crap

Did you write all the code for that cube yourself? Because that is Freaking INSANE.