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Reviews for "Flash Action Script Tut"

Everything worked, but...

This isn't a tutorial. It's more of a copy-paste type thing for lazy people. The definition of a tutorial is more like "a guide to helping you learn how to do things." Now, I'm still giving you a 2 for actually being able to do these... So next time you decide to do a tutorial, please tell people actually how to do these things so they might be able to help with tutorials someday.


okay everything worked for me BUT the 3d cube it didnt work at all


only the ball worked


How can you call it a "tutorial", when you don't even teach anything? I'm giving you the lowest score possible because it annoys me that there are so many crappy tutorials out there, and a lot of them either say "copy and paste this in actions panel", or they don't explain it in depth.

When will people learn...

The hardest part about Flash is the action script, telling people to copy pasta the hardest part without explaining it is a horrible way to teach something.