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Reviews for "Flash Action Script Tut"


It's fun that you try to entertain people with this.. BUT THIS ISN'T A TUTORIAL!
It's like a schoollesson where a teacher says "Here you go guys, here are the answers, go home now"
Thumbs down!

Needs a lot of work

The whole point of a tutorial is to explain the subject that you're covering ( actionscript) instead of just giving codes.
Also there was a problem with the small amount of content included in this tutorial.
There are plenty of other actionscript tutorials around with more content and explanations and I have to say that this tutorial is inadequete in comparison to the other tutorials.


i agree with catmana simply giving the codes isnt teaching people how to actually make the codes themselves this isnt even a tutorial

a few things wrong

Theres a few problems with that there! it could just be that I'm using Flash 8.
the circle doesnt move much apart from rotating!
The cube just comes up as a square and doesnt move!
The custom cursor code is wrong!

AND Whats the point of some of those tuts!?
I mean the dress up one you dont get anything that makes you win if you get something in the right place!
the moving one. Even though it DOESNT MOVE, what goods a little moving circle?
You need to put more info in dude!

Bad tutorial

Alright, if you are making a tutorial and giving them code in said tutorial, atleast tell them how it works, break it down. It's called a tutorial for a reason.