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Reviews for "Flash Action Script Tut"


Good, Good i learnt alot from this and now i can move along onto a fps shooter game, thx dude.

P.S: To the previous poster, msn me at Timmy_Vice@Hotmail.co.uk and i will make a discousion to help you out.

It dnt wrk for me!!!!

Wen i tried to make the dress up game it dnt wrk can sombody tell me how!!!!!!!!!

Vance responds:

Just telling you that the guy above you offered to help, alot of people won't come back and read the reviews to see if anyone replied to theirs.

So yeah, trying to help.


Doesn't work for me, it only rotates and goes forward. I'm using Flash 8, what do I do?

Vance responds:

Export the flash in Flash 6

Yhis helps alot!

Hey, man, good tutorial, man!!!! This helped me to make my dresss up game :P lol.

Really, this tutorial will help alot to the ones, who really need help!

Good Tutorial, excellent actually ;)

This is excellent.

I see that you worked very hard on it so I am giving you great scores.

Also, be aware that I reviewed this with my past account also !

So, what to say?

Nothing special, because I already reviewed it, so this is all I am saying - "Make more so good stuff".

I'd like to see it.


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