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Reviews for "Flash Action Script Tut"

I don't think you get the concept of actually "teaching" something. These are not "how to make..." tutorials, these are just "how I made...".
Using this guide, I got quite good at pressing F8 and F9, but you should at least explain the code you want us to copy & paste. Yes, somebody who knows at least a bit of programming can partially understand it, but since you call it "tutorial" and not "try this", it should be explained to some level.
And btw, the third lesson's code is quite strangely displayed.


It dont work for me

nothing worked

seriously nothing of this worked...


a bit of the code works on my mac, but most of it doesn't at all, could you make one for mac? and also, I inputed the code fro basice turning and walking and crap ,and the object rotated but wouldn't move back or forth, care to explain more thouroughly next time?

Thanks bt no thanks

I appreciate the effort of trying to help people bt posting the code which is suppose to be taught doesn't help anyone at all. Y and X axis are pretty basic but should be mentioned and all the characters around it is just confusing for your target audience.

Atleast put some comments in the code to help people understand...