Reviews for "Sonic Xtreme Trailer"

Not bad!

This is realy looking good. I'm glad that you added the Choatix, but I'm angry you added Mighty. Mighty is NOT part of the Choatix, the only thing that ever stated Mighty was part of the Choatix is "Archie Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Sonic the Comic", which iffyou've ever read, you could planly see the comic books are wrong.

Heres more proof to prove my statement. Please read the WHOLE thing before jumping to conclutions.


Holy shit!

Holy shit that was awsome normaly the other stuff i see is either sprites or 2D graphics that arent always good. when u have the time make some more PLEASE!!

Awesome graphics, pity your not doing the rest.

Its great, even better than the actual feature its self. If i was doing this, it would seriously stress me out. Anyways, do more (if your going to).


This is awesome!! Hey, I have a question. Was this made with swift 3D, or was it made by using gradients in flash?


oh holy doom_fox teach me your drawing skills yet again a awesome movie with my fav character