Reviews for "Sonic Xtreme Trailer"


That is a nice trailer! I'm excited to see what the finished movie will look like. You gave a nice introduction of characters, but didn't really indicate what the plot will be like or anything. Either way it looks good, but who was that song by? When do you estimate the final will be out? Keep it up!


I've buged myself about this trialer for weeks, Luis!! finally you get around to it!

this movie will be awesome. I dont care if this is just a trailer i'm gona be watching it daily.

This is your masterpiece.

Cant wait!

wow it looks really good cant wait until it comes out!


This is refreshing. It is so nice to see a sonic movie that is NOT sprite!! Great job.

Looking forward to it.

*truncates Favorite Submissions list in order to make room for "Sonic Xtreme"*