Reviews for "Ff Vii - Still More Fighting"


Dude you are a god. i can't tell you how many people on newgrounds try to make this song into techno versions which aren't really that bad but there's just too many of them. there are some rock versions of this song too but i have never ever heard a version of this song as good as you played it.


Truely epic and legendary.

See my subject title, because this had myself tic'ing to rock. >.>'

Awesome remix of a song, but I'll keep with the originals to make myself not look like a prat in public trying to rock! :P

reminds me of somthing

this song reminded me of the Guilty gear type music.
best played "still more fighting" theme i have found

Best Air Guitar Song Ever

Put on iPod headphones and try not to rock out to this song. It's so dynamic, it makes my skin tingle when I hear it. Not many songs do that. This song gives me ninja powers. I could take on ten ex-SOLDIERs listening to this at once. Good job. Nobuo Uematsu would be proud.

Simply awesome...

10/10 keep rockin!