Reviews for "loz ocarina of time mini boss"

AHHHH! so much memories... SCREW YOU

this sounds EXACTLY, or BETTER than nintendos

dbz-dude responds:

it better because in the origanal it had loose bit and sounded 64 bit mine is better :)


That's the best fucking redone version of a Zelda song I've ever heard! I'm glad I clicked on it! It's so much damn better than the original for some reason, and yet it sounds just like it!


this is amazing

One of the classics

Its an exact replaca of Oot, even the sudden surprise at the beggining

It is better than the Original Version.

It may be a remastered tune but at least you picked one that a lot of people don't do. Like I said, its a little better than the original. Just a little :)