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Reviews for "Castles In the Sky (MilkMix)"


the song was awesome, castles in the sky is one of my favorite songs since HS =] you did a great job makin a remix of it =] *clap clap* i dun mind the repetitiveness it comes w. the realm of trance hehe

Mrmilkcarton responds:


Bad start, awesome middle, repetitive end

I'm not going to bash the melodic content of this song too much since its a remix, but there is still significant room for improvement, especially at the end of the song. The beginning of the song for me was very unpleasant, but that's mostly a matter of personal taste. Once you got into the melodic middle, I really started to like it, but I think the soft part was too short, and you jumped into the main portion too quickly without fully realizing the melody possibilities there.

The later half of the middle was an interesting contrast to the rest of the song, both in tune and in synth and overall feel. However, the end had the exact opposite problem as the middle - it was extremely repetitive. There was no melodic variation, the instruments hardly ever changed, and the outro was simply an echo crash. In terms of a trance song, I think you could have easily dropped out into another idea (or even the idea that was too short in the middle) in order to both extend the song's playtime and provide some much needed variation. Doing so would give you a song structure similar to A B C B C.

The end crash has an excessive amount of silence on the end as well. The mastering, of course, was very good, and overall the production quality in this song was extremely good.

8/10 - Not your best work, but not horrible, either. I also want to try and remain unbiased genre-wise.
5/5 - To counteract those blasted 0 bombers >=D

P.S. The early middle part is SO GOOD. It could have been a song all by itself, and it only lasts 30 seconds! =<

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Thank you, don't exactly have a response for it but we talked over MSN.