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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Barracks Tune"

i got the Castle Crushers Demo Mode bit short and Embarassing still good though T_I


Got this game a few days ago.. Love this song and the little people playing it in the game Now, This is my ringtone.... Thanks a lot DanPaladin...

Checked out Castle Crashers for PSN, and it was AMAZING! Just like you, this song, and the rest of The Behemoth "including Tom Fulp". :3

If you are not leveling up magic, you will have alot of trouble whit the necromancer (3rd of the 4 Final Bosses) And in full moon. If you are using characters that throw a Axe or something alike, and Arrows from the sky, you should use one of the 4 starting dudes. To help you do complete the game and unlock a character. This chart should help know whne to stop completing the game:
Red Knight - Skeleton - Bear - NONE
Green Knight - Royal Guard - Saracen - NONE
Blue Knight - Industrialist - Fencer - NONE
Orange Knight - Fire Demon - Ninja - NONE
Barbarian - Beekeeper - NONE
Thief - Snakeys - NONE
Iceskimo - Brute - NONE
Peasant - Civilian - NONE
Conehead - NONE
Gray Knight - Stove Face - NONE
DLC Characters dont unlock any Character (ex: Necromancer - None)