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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Barracks Tune"

Funny, Upbeat song

This is a great song to play during a peaceful time, right before some seriously bad shit starts happening. Something about this song just screams "Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin" if you know what I mean (basically, it doesn't surprise me to hear a song like this in a game made by them, it just seems like their style).


nice job. make another


It's kind of weird and sounds funny but for some reason you find yourself humming along to it, great tune, fits perfectly on CC.

Weird in a good way

really couldnt tell u why i liked this song but i kept coming back into the room to hear it lol 10/10

Yay Im drinkin'

its well suited to the feel of CC and whenever i hear it it reminds me of when im out drinkin. love it