Reviews for "Rig & Spawn - 16 Bar Assassin"


this is totally awsome


Sorry man, but it doesn't start off that great.
Its just the intro. Fine quality rapping, The violins/strings sound great, and once it gets into it its awesome.
I think its just the start that ruins it for me. With the strings and bass, it sounds fine.

When the lyrics come into it, it starts turning into an awesome song.

Anyway, good job.

Rig responds:

Yeah, I don't really like the intro. But then again, this was just meant to be a quick song :P

Thanks for the review!

There have been some good songz lately!

It's short...but it's a nice Rap Solo

I like it!

You deserve the top five of the Week.

But I can't wait for some Chorus Music.

Maybe some Hot B--ches can help you with the back-drop.

Someonez with a sexy voice.


I wanna give a go!


or aim= WTF collison

Spawn definitely tore up this beat.

AWSOME Gangsta

This Was A Good Song Bro Rap On Mah Homie ;D