Reviews for "The Simple"


The one looking "away" could stand out a bit more, or at least, that is what my artteacher would say:) other then that , I like it!

xTY3x responds:

i didn't want it to be celebrative and rethorical, i wanted it to be as simple as possible.


Robot art can be pretty interesting when it's not mecha-super-robots with guns sticking out their asses.

I love the concept on this one. Just a single robot standing out from the crowd, looking at something beautiful, a display of emotions from an otherwise cold and metallic robot.

The color scheme really puts an emphasis on this, and brings the beauty of the natural butterfly out. Amazing.

ohhhh wow

yes so simple and so perfect in impact i love this


It hit me, this picture. For a machine to see beauty, to see more than what its programmed to see may happen in our futures.

We don't know when life appears in a life form. We don't know what -life- is. We don't know if a robotic creation that has enough complexity will be able to harness life.

anyways, great work man. Love it


Tath was really good i like the color and the structure of the image good job