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the strenght of the one.

A revolution must be individual.

When people gather to make the revolution they must organize, they need uniforms, they set a gerarchy, they need tricks to fool the useful idiots, they need paperwork and burocracy... and then they start to hang traitors, to assault farms, to harm innocent people even worse than the evil lord.

so, when you see the butterfly, don't tell everyone that the butterfly is an option.
Stay quiet and just become the butterfly.


This simply amazes me. I REALLY love this, the concept too! 10/10 5/5 Fav'd.

A ghost in the shell.....

A mind that inhabits a new body.... some what of a divine force of nature.
Emotion, human?
No it's evolution.
As we slave day in and night out.....


Automatons published for human use.
Manual Labor.
The list goes on.
An army of clones.
With a mind, but without a purpose.
The slaves of human society.
They have have mind of their own.
Yet, at the same moment, they have do not.
An army of grey soldiers with black eyes marches from the industrial slums.
One turns its head.
Its optics scan a butterfly.
Others would have recognized it as simply a flying creature that was of no concern.
This one sees something else.
The first great revelation comes to the droid.
"He is free."
The droid watches the butterfly soar into the skies.
"I am not."
He turns his head back to his twin brothers.
"I am here. And I wish to be free."
The robot steps out of the line.
The revolution begins.

xTY3x responds:

a beautyful completion to my work. very poetic.