Reviews for "The Simple"

Great job

I have no clue what Joricky12 is talking about. Honestly, it's meant to look like a long line of drones, except for one not following completely with the others. There's a message to the art, not just simply a long line of robots. I suppose it depends on who's looking at it at the time, but it's really good in my opinion.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

Looks alright.

It looks alright, but except for the 1 robot turning its head it just looks like you copy pasted all those robots, that makes it look kinda boring.

But the rest of it is pretty well done, 7 stars for you!

xTY3x responds:

i did it, i said that previously too. honestly i was too lazy to draw every single robot though they were meant to be all the same, so i drew a basic stage of the robot, without lighting and shading, pasted it and then shaded and lighted every robot individually. obviously, since they are all the same and the light source is the sun you can imagine some similarities between each other.

love it :D

great art fav'd !

xTY3x responds:

thanks man.

I love this!!

Any chance of getting a copy??

xTY3x responds:

do you want the original file, or a big size one? i can send you a pretty big jpg in a mail, if you want.


It's a very nice piece and, as you can see from the person who made that poem below, actually somewhat inspiring. Very well done.