Reviews for "The Locks are Bored 2"

Better than first part.

Good idea to free Goth Lock from prison.Nice, he still had his nailed bat.And he's up to beat those locks again.He must be really bored.Good job again,this was even better than the first part.

AubergineLock responds:

Thanks for the review, and i'm glad you liked it.

How silly. =P

This was a funny sequel,the locks can do some crazy antics when they are bored especially that goth lock =P i still really enjoyed it and liked the ending much ^_^ great job.

AubergineLock responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Metal Slug and Rammstein

Can't get any better than this!

AubergineLock responds:

Thanks for the review.


Dude that was awsome I love every lock flash ive seen so far. I wish they came before the clocks because yall are alot better! Make more lock flashes.

P.S. Rammstein Rules

AubergineLock responds:

Rammstein is indeed awesome. And i'm constantly working on movies, so look out for the near future. Thanks for the review :)


I loved it. This was just as good as the first. Clocks and Locks rule and there is noone who can tell me otherwise! Your movies are very well made, and laugh-out-loud funny!

AubergineLock responds:

Glad you liked my old works. Thanks for the review :)