Reviews for "The Locks are Bored 2"

kick ass

the lock legion rules all!!!!!!!!!!

AubergineLock responds:

Rock on =)

Thanks for the kindly review!


Gothlock?? LOL!!! That was great. The song in the previous review is KoRn - make me bad. Anyway, the movie is great!

AubergineLock responds:

Ah, Korn, i should have recognised that! Thanks for helping me out there =) And thanks for the review!

In africa they feed babies rice?

am watching the rise and fall of my salvation.
There's so much shit around me.
Such a lack of compassion.
I thought it would be all fun and games (would be fun and games).
Instead it's all the same (it's all the same).
I want something to do.
Need to feel the sickness in you.

I feel the reason as it's leaving me, no, not
It's quite decieving as I'm feeling the flesh make
me bad.

All I'll do is look for you.
I know your fix, you need it to
Just to get some sort of attention, attention.

What does it mean to you?
For me it's something I just do.
I want something.
I need to feel the sickness in you
I feel the reason as it's leaving me, no, not
It's quite decieving as I'm feeling the flesh make
me bad.

I feel the reason as it's leaving me, no, not
It's quite decieving as I'm feeling the flesh make
me bad.

Does it make me bad?

Well i would say yes...

AubergineLock responds:


Thanks for the 10's =D

Even though i don;t have a clue what song that is >:?

Give a one-line summary of your review...how?

I just finished watching all your stuff, and, to tell the truth, it's not that bad. I used to think i hate all locks/clocks animations no matter what, but now i justs hates the lockses. THE LOCKSES! WE HATES THEM....

By the way, i like to write unnessisariliy long and meaningful/less reviews.

I really like that tank. Did you draw it? cause you seem to have it somewhere at least once in each of your animations. It's the metal slug tank right? Oh how i love that game...

I know you know i know you know that i know but i think you should make at lesat some of your stuff longer..cause its funny, but it all seems to continue on from the previous thing so you might as well make it just the one submission so people (like me) can look at it in one session rather than three.

Your good at shadowing which is good. Submissions what lack shadowing just don't have that nice touch about them..so, keep ..erm, doing good stuff!

I'm just saying this cause for the last person i reviewed i expressed my discontent towards his use of swords which were too short for the characters. Anyway he wrote back and paid me out for writing such a long review and not having submitted anything yet well, i'm WORKING ON IT! i just don't wanna send in shit to "test it"...Anyway, so, i thought you should know that too.

Now for more about YOUR movies!

I really like that sound when grim clock or whatever that thing is hits people with its little spiked bat, Thwak! Where'd you get that sound? where do you get sound like that? and while we're on sounds, how do you make the lock's voices? I know of a similar feature in SimpleText but it can only do like one voice like that you seem to have heaps.
Also you have a "fully awsome sick arsonal" of good music. You've got your korn, you've got your System of a Down, and you've got your Rammstein. all good!


Although you clearly like Locks, for some reason or another, i think it would be good if you made, at lesat some stuff that didn't have them. I'm not saying stop with the locks, cause you wont', but there is more to the world and lollie pops and bubblegum i'm afraid!

What's OCP? and what are those things that come out of him? And most importantly why is that man with bleed (yes bleed) coming out of his eye...

Your cool things section are really cool, most people who make stuff like that do it really badly, and arn't creative at all. i like the effect you use where they sort of stretch in a direction, then back again, really quickly, how do?
It's also very kind of you to put seizur warnings...But people will think your strange...

You know, apparently Glarg is a real word? but only when you spell it GLARG, i checked with word.

Character count: 2664, jeez, i still have another 1432 words characters left...oh well, this will have to do. I would write more but yesterday i was exerciseing my middle finger with a bulldog clip and now my whole arm hurts...

Your truely, Tha Red Skull

AubergineLock responds:



shit. You love to type don't you? Heh, now to answer your questions. Yes, i drew that tank, the design is taken from metal slug though. And when Gothlock hits people and the sound makes the wacking sound, i got that from flashkit.com, an excellent resource for sound effects.

I think i'll skip some of the other stuff, your reviews bigger than the xbox...

Glarg is a word gothlock made up, i know him in real life, he shouted it when anopther friend threw a box at his head.

Oh, i just noticed you reviewed all my other movies all in one! Well, i read your whole review and i found it very constructive,, and one of the best i have recived. I thankyou for your time.


it was good but when the locks go to break out goth do you notice hes already in the tank at the start

AubergineLock responds:

Yeah, that was a little error that would have taken yonks to sort out, i thought it wouldn't have been worth it. Thanks for the review =)