Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

That was oh too great.

I like the sprite survivor series thing. And I still can't wait for... the next episode after episode...... Well you get the idea. Kepp up the good work.

Hell-Fire responds:

yep. thanks for reviewing.


omfg dude that was kool that is going to be in my favs also and ill put the rest in if there as good

Hell-Fire responds:

Heh, cool. Thanks a lot.

I love this series.

Your series is awesome! Will you make an eighth addition?


i liked the music u put in it, it was a good idea 2 put sprites in survivor

Hell-Fire responds:



very good i love your flashes they are very good and i can understand why your not responding to everyones review anymore its probably cuase your to busy working on the 8th and tring to find the best music and make it as good as possible or you were banned(i hope not) well keep up the good work

- Your number 1 fan me