Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"


Ryu and fighter out!!!!

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for voting phantaloz

Normally I don't like reallity TV...

...but this is pretty good! I like the animation, and the music. Now as far as the voting goes, I think that Bub from Ramah should be kicked off, because of the obvious communication problems. Fighter should be thrown off Shiva tribe because he is just awfull.

Hell-Fire responds:

awful hey. meh. Thanks for voting and reviewing.

woohoo ten's all the way

Really good flash, really good idea, really funny characters who fight eachother. all around perfection.

Hell-Fire responds:

Well Im glad you liked it so much. Thanks for voting

bub rules with an iron fist

the whole series is so cool. the music during fight scenes. the best is the voting system I found this to be freaken grand. Please get more out soon

Hell-Fire responds:

Thanks. Yeah the next one is in the making. And Long live the bubster!

One minor detail.

Bats(Fighter vs Necrolord) don't usually rely on vision. They rely on hearing to 'see'. That's all. Good movie.