Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"


bub and mario

Hell-Fire responds:

cheers squall. noone likes bub except me :(


TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

for Ramah, i vote off Ryu. he just can't hurt bub's cause he is cool and he really can't hurt him so he must suck so get him off.

for Shiva, i don't know. keep simone cause he might rape some guy or girl (just to prove he isn't gay). keep fighter cause well... i want him to get in a fight with that Rose he wanted to fight in the begining. keep Mario cause he never got to do anything and he can say "who wants a pasta" when the group is eating it or they say u give us pasta for the last 2 weeks.

so kick off fighter.

Hell-Fire responds:

lol okay thanks for review and votes mike


I cast my ballad's for Bub and Simone

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review


It was funny, but the graphics weren't all good, but it was very funny, and had good music, but the penis jokes were kind of disturbing, other than that good flash.

ok this is great but

i got to ask u a question i jsut started to have ideas fo r this and then i saw this But mine is toatlly different! of corse i have to make a new title but can i still make it plz your the origanl maker so i needed to tell so no one thinks its stolen