Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

disturbed RULES

ok on to something else, robo its the one out please robo needs a chance(as you can see i havent watched any of your videos but dont worry i will this was great) er whats there to say o yeah most of the plays i dont no i played alot of snes games and i cant figure out some of them, but thats ok ill learn them over time. ok and who is bub(please get rid of him cause thats my nickname and it brings a bad name to me) but i dont no what game he is from. if you could can you tell me who most of them are and what game their are from

Hell-Fire responds:

Watch the rest of the series. A character Bio section is added to later episodes. Thanks.

Cool! A very special concept!

Altough I know my vote won't count since the next episode has come out, I would vote for Ryu and Fighter. I vote for him, because I like MArio and I think Simone is a good piece of comedy. As you can tell, I haven't seen another episode yet. I hope Bub stays!

A really cool concept, can't wait to see the next episode.


It was funny, but the graphics weren't all good, but it was very funny, and had good music, but the penis jokes were kind of disturbing, other than that good flash.

ok this is great but

i got to ask u a question i jsut started to have ideas fo r this and then i saw this But mine is toatlly different! of corse i have to make a new title but can i still make it plz your the origanl maker so i needed to tell so no one thinks its stolen


and b4 total drama series. nice