Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

Ryu & Fighter

Very nice, i im going to be following this serious...as was mentioned above...my votes are Ryu from Ramah and Fighter from Shiva

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review westtig.


that was really good man, good job mate
and I vote these people

Shiva- Simone - I dont like him

thanks for the entertainment

Hell-Fire responds:

no probs. Cheers for the review. Looks like we are the only ones who like bub


I vote for Simone and ryu.

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review bluefireneox

Hey good idea!

nice! and I'll give one for Robo, and One for Simon, (I hate bub too, but I want to see what happends between him and ryu. hehe)

Hell-Fire responds:

lol okay. I dont see why everyone hates bub though

Very cool premise.

First some mistakes I found: shouldn't "Ramah" be "Ramuh"? and same with "Chrono" and "Crono." Also you spelled "regretted" and "homophobe" wrong.

I don't know all of these characters so a profile or bio on each would be very helpful.

Overall, you did an excellent job and I look forward to following and voting in this contest.

Oh, and my votes of course: Bub and Mario.

Hell-Fire responds:

man the votes i am getting are totally what i didn't expect. Anyway thanks for the review and voted