Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

Beats the real thing any day

First and foremost, my votes.


And for my review, this has to be the best Survivor parody I've seen yet, including the famous Killfrog "Ultimate Survivor" series. Excellent work on the soundtrack too.

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the good comments and votes. cya later

Great Job with sprites!

Dear Hell fire,
I loved it! I happened to be working on a Sprite movie myself and I was wondering if you could give me some help! Nice job! Anyways from the Ramah tribe, kick off Robo, bub is a fundamental charecter that makes it funny and without Ryu, it wont be as funny because they argue. For the Shiva tribe kick off Simone cause he is just dumb and isnt funny.

I give this a A!


Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the review and votes. If u have msn then add me and ill help u. If not just email me ok. cheers

Pretty cool...

Interesting idea, I'm looking forward to more episodes. BTW, I vote for Ryu and Fighter.

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review. More on the way

i like it

i like the idea of a sprite survivor keep up the good work now go make the next one or i'll backhand you

Hell-Fire responds:

good to hear but u didn't vote. thanks neway 4 the review though


...That was good for sprite movie. Though the backgrounds weren't to good, and the animations was choppy sometimes, I really liked it!
Ryu and Simone...Those are the ones I want off :P

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks. i'll work on the backgrounds for the next 1. thanks for voting