Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

Not too bad...

Bub from Ramuh and Simone from Shiva should be the ones...

I don't like super cute characters, or idiots like Simone. (I'm not racial, he just acts like a wimp...)

'Nuff said.

Hell-Fire responds:

u not liking him becuase of his gayness would not make u racial, it would make u a homophobe. thanks for review and votes

Good job :)

I vote for ryu and fighter.

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for voting doom

sweet cant wait until next episode

dont ususally like sprite movies but this was great.

My votes are for Simone and Ryu, damn u for picking on bub.

Hell-Fire responds:

it wasnt me it was ryu, noone likes poor bub. cheers for votes and review

good job

i think this was better than the real thing! anyways my votes are for Ryu goes he's a meeny and Fighter coz he's so shit at fighting.

Hell-Fire responds:

lol thanks for reviews. pretty close so far

I like it....

Wow, first off good job for making something that i actually want to see the rest of =) im goin to watch them all and vote each time..ok now for my nominiations i vote for Ryu and Simone, get rid of that gay bastard..lol anyways i hope that guy can get with the hott chick (sorry forgot the names) and they need to fuck before the series is over...but yea good job and keep them coming

Peace out!

Hell-Fire responds:

lol dont worry there will be plenty of fuking lol. thanks for votes and review