Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

look forward to seeing the rest

I vote Ryu and Fighter

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for votes

Ah!! Just the way I like a film!

Long with plenty of characters! I vote out "Bub" as he was really annoying, and I also vote out "Mario".

One thing though, Fighter isn't THAT bad.

So Bub and Mario for me.

Hell-Fire responds:

Nah i like fighter aswell. Out with MARIO hopfully. but bub is so cool. Thanks for voting

Normally I don't like reallity TV...

...but this is pretty good! I like the animation, and the music. Now as far as the voting goes, I think that Bub from Ramah should be kicked off, because of the obvious communication problems. Fighter should be thrown off Shiva tribe because he is just awfull.

Hell-Fire responds:

awful hey. meh. Thanks for voting and reviewing.


This is really great.

Kick Bub and Mario out of it. I don't think they really fit in to the whole thing.

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for voting. Id personally like mario to go but its not up to me


Ryu and fighter out!!!!

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for voting phantaloz