Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

Very good job....

I say Bub and Simone that gay ass freak...

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for voting

Not bad.

Worked hard on this one didn't ya?Good job!I vote out bubs and...of course...Simone.That gay freak...

Hell-Fire responds:

Poor gay people. always get picked on. Yeah it took me a while to make. thanks for voting and reviewing

Nice work

I enjoyed this throughly, a very funny mix of Clever puns (i like the tribe names) and good old penis jokes. A well thought out variety of characters, good music and its probably better you didn't do voices as people already have preconcived notions of how characters would sound. btw i cant beleive you put in Robo over Frog, MAN! he so would have opened a can'o'whoop sasay on these mos, maybe he could make a guest appearance in the next. BRING IT HOME DURAN!!

Votes for Bub and Mario (what are they gonna do when battles get serious, shmos)

Hell-Fire responds:

Yeah i was debating over frog and robo but i already had an animal (bub) even though frog isnt REALLY a frog. Thanks for the votes and review avabond


I vote for Robo and for Fighter.

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for voting true_soas

look forward to seeing the rest

I vote Ryu and Fighter

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for votes