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Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

My votes

Mine are for simone and bub

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review

my votes...

Simone and Robo. Nice flash by the way

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review

Great idea!

Fighter (He's a useless git) and Ryu (What a jerk. :o). Those are my votes, now onto the review.

Graphics:So-so. Good sprites and everything, but the rest of it isn't great. It's a tiny bit better than average, though.
Sound:Few sounds and little music...in the next one, have more sounds and more music.
Interactivity:YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHO WILL BE IN THE NEXT MOVIE IN YOUR REVIEW. How interactive is that? :D
Style:We've all seen Survivor with video game characters hundreds of times before, so nothing new. You get style points for letting us pick the loser, though.
Voilence:Not much at all, really. Not that I'm complaining.
Humor:Multiple things in this movie made me laugh. :D While the jokes aren't original and you only made fun of one character's stereotype, it was still pretty funny. :D

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the loong review and votes

Great fucking movie!

usually i get bored with longggg flashes but yours was kool...
the only problem is well i think you used too many FF characters (not that's it's bad) but i mean mabe a wider varitey next surviver (if there is one)

Bub and simone

Bub is weird and simone is gay

Hell-Fire responds:

yeah i was thinking the exact same thing but i liked all the FF characters I put in. anyway thanks for the votes and review

Nice idea

Even though I'm not familiar with most of the characters.

Robo and Fighter

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the votes and review