Reviews for "The Slums"

I thoroughly enjoyed the reminissing

Ah the good ol' days. I love ya Joe.


crazy locks... lol well it was definatly the best lock movie I have seen to date so u get straight 10's! yay! CANDY!!!

JujubeLock responds:

Its too bad you are about the same proportions and a bit taller than me or I'd ask you to get in the van as well.
Kudos, I am highly anticipating your flash in June.


Just brilliant.

JujubeLock responds:

You have done me great justice my good sir.

Truly a masterpiece

Great work Jujube

JujubeLock responds:

thank you, it's always nice to meet a fan of the opposite sex ;)

even though i was in for a total of 1 second

MCL juggalo

JujubeLock responds:

In "Slums 2" you will have a much longer part, don't worry.