Reviews for "The Slums"


awesome in every aspect

JujubeLock responds:


That was awsome.

hello fellow ngarmy member, that was some piece of work. it was fantastic, seriously it was a good story and all. 300 posts in one day thats alot. the only thing that can be worked on is graphics, and sound, but that's what clocks sound like so I guess that's not your fault.
Keep up the good work.

JujubeLock responds:

The sound of locks is sexy.


This is the greatest.

Are the numbers true??

JujubeLock responds:

All numbers are factually documented.

its kewl

inter activity i use it for nice usage of lock

JujubeLock responds:

yes, as wheat would say "ACSHUN SKRIPTZ ROXOR!!!!11111111111111!111"


Great Movie!
This was really good, good animation.
Great Job.

JujubeLock responds:

You are truly someone that I can respect. Remind me to mail you a fruit basket.