Reviews for "The Slums"


I liked it, keep the good work up.

JujubeLock responds:

I'm a big fan of "Computer Problems" so having your support is very meaningful to me.

Great Work Jujube (and Loller)

I know your still learning flash, but the fact you told a very interesting story and used some excellent sounds, especially the use of classical music made this an amusing, and quite unique flash.
Great work!

JujubeLock responds:

Loller actually didn't do anything but give me advice during my editing process. Though his wisdom did help me improve the movie a lot.

Truly a masterpiece

Great work Jujube

JujubeLock responds:

thank you, it's always nice to meet a fan of the opposite sex ;)


It made me laugh you get all 10s

JujubeLock responds:

Suprised me a bit as well :)


absolutely orgasmic

JujubeLock responds:

I'll have what he's having