Reviews for "The Slums"


i didn't understand most of that because i am not a long time newgroundite (or rather a well informed one).

JujubeLock responds:

admittedly only few people know of The Slums, it probably doesn't matter anymore though. They aren't coming back ;_;

This was unique.....in a unique way....

This was very strange.....and so am I. I don't know why I enjoyed it. I just love having information in my brain, useful, useless, or not. Otherwise, I will shrivel up one day and die.

Anyway, this reminds me of a few movies I've seen. Most of which were more serious. This gives everything a nice touch. Some of it was so oddly depressing that it was funny.

JujubeLock responds:

The story of the Slums is a very emotional tale. At least now you know why Lollerskates is King.

even though i was in for a total of 1 second

MCL juggalo

JujubeLock responds:

In "Slums 2" you will have a much longer part, don't worry.

sorry man... just wasnt my cup of tea

wow that was well, not exhilerating.... but some constructive critisisim for ya... better planning of your movie will help, definatly more time and effort, and some better voice overs/ improing sound quality... Humour needs some help to, but other than that hurray for you for doing somehting somehwat econmical and political... remember always make movies with meaning...not stupid shit... thats just whatever... keep it real

JujubeLock responds:

... ok ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


It's definately an improvement on your last flash.. the graphics are better.

But, I still didn't find it very interesting to watch.

JujubeLock responds: