Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

I thought this was pretty cute. I even forgot about the actual animation. It was just nice to see how cute this was. I can see a cartoon intro like this. While this didn't have much point, it was still fun. If only stuff here was adapted into a cartoon.

The animation is pretty unique. I thought it would be in Claymation like the actual show. It's always nice to have variety. It's hard to describe something so short. It's just fine.

FAVE'D! I'd watch that show like there was no tomorrow


You should actually make a series like this!!! its awesome and if it had this intro before each episode! I love it!
I seen the intro atleast 25 times now! im go watch it again!

another great animation from gel and dustball

this was awsome, yet again, and i have to admit that these were better than 16bit showcase. cant wait for your next animations.

Very cool

If this is an intro for a t.v. show I would totally watch it.