Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

Really Cool

This looks really good. Any chance you'd make an episode of this? Come on!!! do it for me.

man, I luv this

I luv ur sprite work man, great job


Nice modern day telling of a classic NES expierence. The graphics were not great, but since you were intentionally mimicking the classic bits, it is fine. Nice music and it went really well with the movie. Interesting bunch of characters, some looked better than others. The end logo with them all was done quite well, keep up the good work.


Captured the Essence Of my NES Days

Tho this is way better than any NES Intro made from that time. It really shot me back to that era..

Once again everything worked. and was Time out perfectly From the Scene wipe with the Leaves, to the Transforming robot dog at the title Scene,everything was impeccable.

Dustball's score fit the mood perfectly as well..

Its Hard to hate you when you keep bring us this awesome stuff :)

Keep'em comin'


P.S. I meant 'Snide' you anal retentive bastard :P

good stuff

for being done way back in 98' that was pretty impresive. Hell if you had make it a week ago I'd still like it. The stlye reminds me of when lucas arts accually made fun games like Sam n Max and Day of the Tentacle. Now all you need to do is dig up the old program and do an episode. I'd love to see it!