Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

Plenty of fun

I really could see this as an 80's cartoon. If you do follow up on this baby with a Flash, sticking with 16 Color would totally make it rock.


Reminds me of those old dos games. I would love to see more flash like this one!

Looking Good.

Dustba11 I have no idea where yourt music composing prowess is from but I can't get enough of it.
Gel again Great animating I'm was convinved this was a game of the same time of Privateer but you told me it was actualyl a claymation.
Great work team!

to tell u the truth....

i didnt like it....i mean...iv seen better from u. a little disappointing...

It struck me oddly, but in a wonderful way

THis reminded me of everything that made me smile in childhood. I would love to see this actually made. Im hoping there will be episodes.